We test the security of the IT infrastructure of companies and public authorities in realistic attack scenarios.
Be one step ahead with us!

People define IT security - for this reason, we deliberately distance ourselves from the exclusive use of simple software scans, which in no way provide a concrete statement about the realistic security level of IT systems.

Comprehensive and manual auditing is one of our trademarks, as is close collaboration with our customers' IT. Hardening a system optimally means looking at it with the combination of the administrator's knowledge and the hacker's skills.

After simulating a realistic external attack scenario, our focus is always on securing the internal network structure. This ensures that security concepts will hold up even if individual systems are compromised (for example, through the misconduct of an employee).

Since every purchased security solution can also become a risk at the same time, our recommendations are mostly logical in nature. In this way, the customer saves financial resources, develops his own solutions, and is not affected if vulnerabilities become known in the future in security systems that are still considered reliable today.

A team of experts is available for your individual projects

We deliver uncompromising security for our customers. Each project is individually tailored to you and managed and executed by one of our teams.

White hacking / pentest

Through tests without any prior knowledge, up to code analysis of in-house developed server applications, we offer you and your IT department insights into realistic attack scenarios and potential consequences in a controlled environment.

In addition we offer

With us you are always one step ahead.

You have the option of having any potential security risk to your company reviewed and assessed as part of a penetration test.

Exemplary sequence of a pentest


Objective setting and definition of the framework.


Mutual signing of a contract for a penetration test. This contains precise information about the objectives, deadlines and conditions.

Test phase

Implementation of the penetration test by certified staff.

Follow-up discussion

Discussion of important / critical findings. Evaluation of direct, timely measures with the IT department as well as the management.


Written summary of findings including management summary and personal conclusion.


Re-check positively tested vulnerabilities.

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We believe in open source

In our pentests and daily work, we use only open source and freely available software. From the operating system to reporting tools, we rely on Linux and bleeding-edge versions.

We have made our internal tool for mapping and searching networks, detecting vulnerabilities and generating reports available to the open source community, along with other small projects, and are constantly developing it further.